United And Strong / Expectations / Breathelast

Locatie eveniment: Club B52
Adresa: Str. 11 Iunie 50, București, Sect.4

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– 30 lei – Normal Ticket
– 50 lei – Double Tickets
– 40 lei – Acces @the Door
? Vineri, 19 aprilie 2019 / club B52
Doors Open @ 19:00
Breathelast. Live @ 20:00
Expectations Live @ 21:00
United And Strong Live @ 22:00
B52 Party @ 23:00
United And Strong // DIY Hardcore // Berlin // Germany

Let the facts speak for themselves: First show in 2001. Since then countless shows in 22 countries on 3 continents, including Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Morocco, Ukraine, Spain,… UNITED AND STRONG have survived and continue to survive bands, trends, and shirt designs.

A strong working-class ethos, the will to do everything by themselves, an antifascist attitude, the hope that hardcore has still some relevance left, UNITED AND STRONG keep on following the same ideas and ideals that made them pick up their instruments in the first place 16 years ago.

Releases have been sparse but steady, as the band’s foremost interest lies in playing shows. Small rooms, big stages, DIY-Shows, festivals, 50 people, 500 people, it never mattered and it never will.

UNITED AND STRONG live, work and suffer in Berlin, Germany.

Hardcore // Sofia // Bulgaria
Based in Sofia, Bulgaria Expectations have been exploring their specific blend of melodic and emotional hardcore since 2010. The band has spent the past few years off the road and their new album comes after series of line up changes and four yeas after their previous LP. Now they are on teh road again presenting us their newest album, visiting Romania as they always do.

Breathelast. // Hardcore / Alternative / Metall // Bucharest // Romania

In 2010, Breathelast started with a different line-up, different style of music (nu metal – alternative). The new style of music has a lot of breakdowns and tempo changes, which confines a very personal feeling to the songs, building up the energy that comes out of this style of song-writing and playing.The band members come from various musical backgrounds and have been around for a while, enough to know that music is the only driving energy and that success is only the palm of your hand, when you’re holding a guitar, drum sticks or a microphone , on a stage, in front of people that enjoy your music. Further on, we take the responsibility to develop our sound and get the music across to the interested audience, wherever it may roam.


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