Uncommon Grounds 4 Years Anniversary W/ Kiril

Locatie eveniment: Club Fabrica
Adresa: Str. 11 Iunie 50, București, Sect.4

Biletele și abonamentele pot fi achiziționate online aici:
25 lei – 20 lei – Presale (SOLD OUT)
25 lei – Normal Ticket

👉 Sâmbătă, 22 februarie 2020, Uncommon Grounds 4 Years Anniversary W/ Kiril
in club Fabrica
Acces public: 22:00
✘ Kiril ✘

✘ Local Support ✘
✘ Slimy ✘

✘ Cody Reks ✘
//Uncommon Grounds

✘ B-Tone ✘
//Uncommon Grounds

✘ Cross ✘

About the venue: indoor
➫ Este interzisa intrarea in locatie cu bautura din afara barului.
➫Nu este tolerată sub nicio formă posesia, introducerea sau consumul de substanțe psihoactive/halucinogene.
➫Ne rezervam dreptul de a selecta clientii.

Uncommon Grounds is a Drum & Bass label that originally started in Romania back in 2016.
The main focus point of the label is promoting the Drum & Bass music culture, as well as young, dedicated & talented local artists/DJs.
The founder of Uncommon Grounds is Vlad Burton also known as B-Tone, decided to start this movement originally to grow the Drum & Bass scene in his local town in Romania, Bucharest.
Until this day, the label has grown over the years, recruiting and promoting local artists by organizing local as well as international events.
Uncommon Grounds is in the top well-known Drum & Bass promoter labels in Romania contributing a lot to the scene by hosting & organizing parties & events in clubs like: C8, For Friends, D’Arc, Roots & Culture (BG), etc. And by also bringing names like: Scar, Heist, Transparent, Mystic State, High Roll, C-Side, HLZ, Kiril. Freqax and ProtonKid.

*Toate prețurile includ taxa de ticketing și taxele locale.

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