Sear Bliss // Downfall // Kroppen

Sear Bliss // Downfall // Kroppen

Locatie eveniment: Club Quantic
Adresa: Grozăvești nr. 82, București, Sect.6

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? “Sear Bliss // Downfall // Kroppen at Quantic”

Data: Vineri, 14 februarie 2020
Locație: Club Quantic
Acces public: Începând cu ora 20:00
Sear Bliss –
One of the few Hungarian metal acts recognized and credited worldwide – have always been the wanderer of untrodden paths since their foundation: the band combines dark, atmospheric metal with brass instruments.
The band was founded in 1993 and they were the first extreme metal band in the Hungarian underground signed by a Western European label.
After the critically acclaimed The Pagan Winter demo tape (1995), the debut album (Phantoms) was released by Mascot Records / II Moons. Phantoms was voted for Album of the Month by Netherlands’ biggest metal magazine Aardschok (for the first time for a black metal in the history of the magazine). Still today, 22 years later Phantoms is credit as one of the best Hungarian metal albums ever by Recorder Magazine in their home country. The second album The Haunting was also a great success, lifting the band’s perspective to a higher level. Sear Bliss have never stopped in their 25 years career, continously producing albums, always changing, never releasing the same album under a different title. The band made several European tours and worked with such great record labels as British Candlelight Records. In 2016 Sear Bliss signed to the well-known Dutch metal label Hammerheart Records. The highly acclaimed 8th album entitled Letters from the Edge saw the light of day in the summer of 2018. More than 26 years after the birth of the band, Sear Bliss still showing the same energy and enthusiasm – after an eventful period with many shows and summer festivals in 2018 and 2019, the band is currently working on new songs. The upcoming 9th album is scheduled to be released sometime during 2020.
Sear Bliss:
András Nagy: vocals, bass, keyboards
Zoltán Pál: trombone
Gyula Csejtei: drums, Zoltán Vigh: guitars
Attila Kovács: guitars
Discography: 1995: The Pagan Winter (Demo) 1996: Phantoms (Mascot / Two Moons) 1997: The Pagan Winter / In the Shadow of Another World (Mascot / Two Moons) 1998: The Haunting (Mascot / Two Moons) 2001: Grand Destiny (Nephilim / Red Stream) 2002: Forsaken Symphony (Red Stream) 2004: Glory and Perdition (Red Stream) 2005: Decade of Perdition DVD (Red Stream) 2007: The Arcane Odyssey (Candlelight Records) 2012: Eternal Recurrence (Candlelight Records) 2018: Letters from the Edge (Hammerheart Records)

Dawnfall –

Kroppen –
Kroppen – is a death/black metal band from Slatina, Romania .The band started in the summer of 2013 in a small Romanian town, created by lead guitarist and vocalist Ovidiu Stanciu. Due to some members leaving they took a hiatus until 2015. With new forces and a refreshed line-up Kroppen released their first EP. Having their debut live show in their hometown back in 2016, Kroppen started playing all around the country, looking forward to releasing the band’s first full-lenght album, “In delirium path”.


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