Nutu Olteanu’s GUTS n GRACE @ The Pub

Locatie eveniment: The PUB Universitatii
Adresa: Bd. Regina Elisabeta 9, Sector 3 Bucuresti

Biletele pot fi achiziționate de pe la următoarele prețuri:
40 lei – Presale (reducere pana pe 19 iulie)
50 lei – Acces cu loc (pret in ziua evenimentului)

*Toate prețurile includ taxele locale si nu includ taxa de procesare.**Taxa de procesare nu este returnabila.

 👉 Concert Nutu Olteanu’s GUTS n GRACE. Invitat special: Dan Bitman
📅 Data: Miercuri 20 iulie 2022 / 🕢 Ora: 20:00
📌 Locatie: The Pub Univestitatii
Eveniment Fb: Facebook
Guts n Grace is a Swedish band formed in 2016. Their Romanian frontman and first-class guitarist Ion Olteanu became established during his long membership in IRIS and HOLOGRAF. Guts n Grace is a super tight band with very experienced musicians that are being highly appreciated for their capacity to create magic together. The band plays all kinds of genres, but very much has its roots in the Blues.

On July 20 they will create magic for us at The PUB Universitatii.
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