MASTER + Schizogen Live@Hardward Pub

📅 Data: 17.03.2023 / 🕢 Ora acces: 19:00
Locatie: Hardward Pub, Cluj-Napoca
📬 Adresa: str.Republicii Nr.110
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Preturi si detalii despre categoriile de bilete:
🎟️ 70 lei –50 lei – Presale 1 (reducere primele bilete 50 buc)
🎟️ 70 lei –60 lei – Presale 2 (reducere primele bilete 100 buc)
🎟️ 70 lei – Normal Ticket (în ziua evenimentului, online și la acces)
Locurile sunt limitate la bucati si se vor aloca in ziua evenimentului in functie de sosirea in locatie.
*Toate prețurile includ taxele locale si nu includ taxa de procesare.
**Taxa de procesare nu este returnabila.
Minorii pana in 16 ani au acces gratuit la eveniment doar însoțiți de cel puțin un părinte.


MASTER is the most well-known project of bassist, vocalist, and songwriter Paul Speckmann. They were well known in the early extreme metal underground, being both one of the first death metal bands, and one of the most influential alongside Death in the emerging death metal scene.

The band began in 1983, and still exists today, having 14 studio albums with many different lineups.

SCHIZOGEN – Brutal Death Metal band from Kyiv, Ukraine. The band was formed in the end of 2011. Since that time it went through lots of transformations just like regarding of band member and like music details as well. During all time of existence musicians were making lots of experiments, seeking for their own sound and appearance. As it was planned from the very beginning, the main direction leading the band forward appeared to be Brutal Death Metal, inspired by father’s of this genre. After all complete on that moment material was gathered, the band records its debut album “Parasitic Origin” and in the end of 2016 releases it at well known among brutal maniacs Spanish label Pathologically Explicit Recordings. This work received plenty of positive reviews from all over the world and became so called starting point, appeared to be first massive achievement in band’s arsenal. The second album „Spawn of Almighty Essence” was released 21 Feb 2020 at one of the coolest american label Willowtip Records and also received many positive reviews from different parts of the world. Now the band is preparing material for the third album. Also group shows good concert activity shooting with powerful Brutal at thematic concerts and festivals. Sign up at our pages in social networks, follow our news, visit concerts and support the Brutal life. Links:


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