Jungle Rot (USA) ● Eufobia (BG) ● Defiant (HR) – Live @M2,Timisoara

? Data: 19.07.2024 
🕣 Ora:
📌 Locatie: M2

🏠 Adresa: Piata Iancu Huniade, 2, Timisoara

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Kenosha, Wisconsin’s Jungle Rot deliver a punitive blend of old-school thrash metal, death metal, crossover, crusty punk and are known to integrate slow stomp melodies into their style. Jungle Rot have garnered a large and loyal following within the last 25 years. The sound and attitude that Jungle Rot have exposed the public to, is one of efficiency and execution. They have never tried to be the goriest or most technical band in the extreme underground, but instead have focused on flowing grooves and infectiously catchy songwriting. After 30+ years, 10 solid full length albums and an EP, released through companies like Century Media and Victory Records, Jungle Rot completed their 11th album during the pandemic in 2020. Jungle Rot signed with Unique Leader Records in 2021 to release their latest album, „A Call To Arms”, released May 13th 2022 worldwide!

Defiant is a death/black metal band from Croatia formed in 2005. On the first 2 albums they
played a melodic death metal, but after some time,Kris ,guitarist and founder of the band
decided to change their style to pure death black metal.
• Defiant’s debut album „The End of Beginning” was self-released in autumn 2006.
• •In the period between 2006. – 2008. Defiant played around 100 shows and had 3 European
• In 2008. some new promo stuff called „Promo 2008.“ was recorded for the upcoming album
„Without Religion There Is No Fear“, but because of some problems band split-up.
• After band’s split-up in 2009. while everything was on hold-on, Defiant’s founder Kris worked
on some new music, more brutal than previous stuff.
• 2011. was a new beginning for a band; a new blood was recruited and after few shows with a
new line-up, Defiant was ready for recording a new album „Era of Substitution“, which was
more extreme than previous work of the band.
• 2012. Defiant signed for Grom Records.
• In 2015. Defiant recorded their third album ”Morbid Spiritual Illness” with the new line up
after a two-year break. New album „Morbid Spiritual Illness „is recorded in Studio
Armageddon and Defiant signed the contract with label from Switzerland „Miner
• In January 2016,Defiant recorded material for the new album „Insurrection Icon“in
Hellsound Studio in Czech Republic with the new vocalist/lyricist Tomislav Kuternik.
• A new darker opus Insurrection Icon was unleashed on May 25th on Art Gates records from
Spain. The albums is met with rave reviews from foreign and local metal sites and proclaimed
the bands best album so far.
• In the same month the album was promoted on Insurrection in the East tour mainly in
Eastern Europe with a new drummer Sead Hadžić from ToxicDeath andContusio.
• In 2018 and 2019 the band continues with numerous gigs and festivals promoting Insurrection
Icon and retains the title one of the most active metal acts in Croatia and the Balkans.
• In 2020 the band welcomes Zoran Stjepic on bass. The band releases effort joint effort
“Ways ov Damnation” with a Hungarian black/death band Dvvad on Tortured Tree
• Due to Covid-19 Defiant entirely focuses on writing new material which spawned their first
ever EP named Vanguards of Misrule which will see the darkness of the day on 26th 06.2022.
It is dedicated to LG Petrov from Entombed.
• In 2022 Zoran left the band after the short March of Mirule in northern Europe with
Khargash (Terrorhammer, Bane) quickly joining on bass duties performing with the band on
Feelgood festival in Sombor, Serbia. Cementing his place in the line-up.
• 2023 marked Defiants return to local scene with shows in cities like Split, Koprivnica and
notably Zagreb which the band was the local support for Massacre. It also marked a change in
the bass and drums line-up, as longtime friend and producer EldarIbrahimović (War-Head)
joined the band behind the drums and Ivan Osrećak (Attitudes towards Human Extinction)
behind the bass.
• The new album Mammon Mantra will be recorded and released in 2023 with special guests.
Live videos:

Vă așteptăm cu nerăbdare să petrecem împreună la M2! 🎉🕺

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