JAZZU – concert la The PUB

📅 Data: 05.04.2023 / 🕢 Ora: 20:00
📌Locatie: The Pub Univestitatii
📬 Adresa: Bd. Regina Elisabeta 9, Sect.3
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NeoSoul and Pepper
JAZÚ brings a unique and refreshing sound to the NeoSoul genre with their incorporation of „pepper” elements, such as
funk, soul and bossa nova, and their use of organic instruments such as kaval, flute, accordion, ocarina, spoons, and
versatile vocal inflections. The band’s lyrics are poetic and the music brings a wide range of emotions to the listener. They
have a strong stage presence and their performances are energetic and engaging. Overall, JAZÚ is a band to watch out for
in the NeoSoul scene.
Inspired by life, love, and the sounds of all vibrations, JAZÚ expresses emotions through its music in a direct and free way.
Through pure notes and poetry, as the lyrics are poetry, and good music, JAZÚ brings people together in front of the stage and sprinkles memorable harmonies into their hearts. Love, freedom, music, life, emotions, paradox, trumpet, colors,
dance, poetry, philosophy, travel, and lots of joy, all come together to express JAZÚ.
JAZÚ has performed on some of the most respected festival stages in Bucharest and Romania, such as „Jazz in the Park”
(Cluj), „City Forest” (Bucharest), „GreenSound” (Bucharest), „Theatrestock” (Bacau), „TIFF” (Alba Iulia), WAHA Fest,
Bucharest Street Food Festival, as well as at themed events such as Daimler Benz, held at Hala Faust/Sibiu, „Casa Di
Peroni”, Peroni Nastro Azzurro event, IQOS Phillip Morris launch, Jazz in the Park festival 2016 (main stage), HBO Cinemax
2 launch, and Harley Davidson Movie launch.
You can find JAZÚ on Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook, YouTube, and Soundcloud, with links provided in the original text. A
live concert recording and a video presentation are also available on Soundcloud and YouTube respectively.
Apple Music
Live concert…/casa-universitarilor-20-iun-2015
Video prezentare
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