FULL HOUSE B.C. + ENDLESS DARK @ Love bar, Sibiu

?Data: 06.10.2024 /🕣 Ora: 20:00
📌 Locatie: Love bar, Sibiu
🏠 Adresa:
str.Avocat Ilie Macelaru
Eveniment: FaceBook

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06.10.24 Acces Elev/student
Max: 100
Min: 1
Step: 1
50,00 lei
06.10.24 Presale
Max: 18
Min: 1
Step: 1
65,00 lei75,00 lei
06.10.24 Acces
Max: 150
Min: 1
Step: 1
75,00 lei
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– 50 lei –  Acces elev/student (La acces se prezinta carnetul de elev/student)
75 lei  – 65 lei –  Presale (reducere pentru primele bilete)
75 lei  – Acces general
*Toate prețurile includ taxele locale si nu includ taxa de procesare.
**Taxa de procesare nu este returnabila.
Locurile sunt limitate si se vor aloca in ziua evenimentului in functie de sosirea in locatie.

🎉🕺 FULL HOUSE BREW CREW ( October tour )Vageliss Karzis on vocals (Wolfheart, ex Rotting Christ)
youtube ;
Full House Brew Crew is a dynamic and energetic metal band hailing from Athens, Greece. Formed in
2009, the band has cultivated a unique sound that fuses elements of heavy, groove, and thrash
metal. Known for their powerful live performances, Full House Brew Crew has built a strong
reputation in the metal scene, captivating audiences with their intense and melodic compositions.
ENDLESS DARK youtube ;
Gothic-doom metal band that was formed in Romania
TICKET ; 15e / student 10e

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