Domination (Pantera Tribute Band) ● Terravore @Rock Halle, Constanta

? Data: 11.05.2024
🕣 Ora:
📌 Locatie: Rock Halle

🏠 Adresa: Str. Tulcea nr.2, Constanța

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Sâmbătă, 11 mai, ne vedem cu Domination – singura trupă tribut Pantera din România.
Invitaţi sunt Terravore din Bulgaria!
Domination este şi singura trupa tribut din România care a prezentat integral doua albume marcante in istoria Pantera – Far Beyond Driven şi Vulgar Display Of Power.
Cunoscută drept una din cele mai intense formaţii din peisajul underground românesc, formula Domination a rămas neschimbată încă de la debut, astfel ii regasim pe:
Stefan Zaharescu – voce (ex-Negura Bunget, Kistvaen/ Sur Austru)
Cezar Popescu (Vita de Vie, Days Of Confusion)- chitara
Cristi Dumitrescu (Iris, No Stress) – tobe
Andrei Zamfir (chitarà bas)
is a Bulgarian thrash metal band formed in the early months of 2015 by Ivan Lazarov and Kalin Bachvarov.The band started as a trio with a different drummer and different name. After several months of rehearsing the drummer was replaced with Trendafil Trendafilov who left his current band (Mass Cremation) to join. The band has been renamed to Terravore. In several more months, the trio entered the studio to record their first demo, but after they heard the results decided to release it as a mini-album. „Apocalyptic Impact” was released in March 2016 by the underground label „Terozin Mag and Tapes”. The release has been well accepted by the Bulgarian fans and Terravore did a national tour with the Greek band Warrhammer. After that they did many club gigs in the country, later in 2017, they supported Suicidal Angels in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2018 Boyko Nikolaev joined the band as the main lead guitarist. By that time the band already recorded and released 2 EPs and 1 full album. In 2020 Terravore recorded „Vortex of Perishment” which later was released by Punishment 18 Records. By now the band did several national tours, 1 in central and Eastern Europe, and played with bands like Kreator, Testament, Nervosa, Bio-Cancer, Chronosphere, Goatwhore, and many more.

🌟 🎉🕺 Vă așteptăm cu nerăbdare să petrecem împreună la Rock Halle !

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