Daddy Dear – Performance (teatru)@ The Pub Universitatii

? Data: 13.02.2023 / ? Ora: 20:00
Locatie: The Pub Univestitatii
? Adresa: Bd. Regina Elisabeta 9, Sect.3
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?️ 35 lei – Acces cu loc
Locurile sunt limitate si se vor aloca in ziua evenimentului in functie de sosirea in locatie.
*Toate prețurile includ taxele locale si nu includ taxa de procesare.
**Taxa de procesare nu este returnabila.

Daddy Dear is back!
Luni – 13 Februarie – 20:00 – The Pub Universității
Dick has been an alcoholic since early teenage years. After his father dies in an accident, Dick’s alcohol intake sky rockets to an all-time high, as he himself plummets to an all-time low. “But no matter how much I drink, I can’t forget” (Dick). Dick is confused and in a lot of pain, he does nothing but work and drink. He realizes that to have a shot at a normal life he must have one last conversation with his dad, and tell him all the things he never dared say when his father was alive. At his dad’s grave, the more Dick drinks, the more he opens up.
The audience is taken on a painful path down memory lane, which brings up various levels of all kinds of trauma. As the story of Dick is being unfolded, the line between victim and abuser gets blurred.

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